wooden wardrobe with shoes
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What Material should the Shoe Cabinet Be Made of?

The convenience and durability of using such a useful part of the hallway interior as shoe cabinet from SONGMICS depends not only on the type of construction, but also on the material of manufacture. Today the most common options are:

wooden shoe cabinet
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Beautiful, natural, but massive and expensive. This shoe cabinet storage is suitable for spacious hallways, designed in a classic style. They require careful care, and you can’t put dirty, wet shoes in it. Moreover, you will have to regularly apply protective impregnations in order to maintain a neat appearance for as long as possible.


Plastic shoe cabinets are the cheapest, quite practical and durable, but their appearance will not suit everyone. In addition, some specimens are fragile and scratches remain on them.


These are durable and practical products that are difficult to damage. To protect against corrosion, sometimes you will have to renew the paint layer. Metal sheets that are too thin can be deformed under the weight of shoes, and this must be taken into account when choosing.

glass shoe cabinet
Image by moerschy from Pixabay


These shoe cabinets are made of durable glass, which is heavy. The product looks original and weightless, but practicality leaves much to be desired, because any shoe marks and fingerprints will be clearly visible on the glass, which means you will have to wash and polish it almost every day to maintain its appearance.


A wicker shoe rack will be a nice decoration for the hallway and will fit perfectly into country or Provence style. This is a lightweight product that provides air access to shoes and their ventilation.

In this case, all possible execution options are also not limited to the listed options. In some houses you can find shoe cabinets made of stone – an interesting option that cannot be bought in a store – it is laid out on the spot.

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